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Dental Implants

Designed to replicate natural teeth as closely as possible, dental implants offer a long lasting, great looking solution to missing teeth.

They are also a permanent alternative to dentures, which can cause a number of irritating issues if not well fitting.

Implants act just like tooth roots because they are carefully positioned in the jawbone to provide a strong foundation for replacement teeth. They are usually made from titanium as it is such a durable metal and so well tolerated by the body that it eventually fuses with the bone.

As long as they are looked after properly, dental implants can provide tailor-made teeth that are built to last.

The treatment process

We are delighted to offer the services of Dr Diarmuid O’Croinin, our highly qualified Dental Implant specialist who has extensive experience in all kinds of implant cases from a single tooth right through to the replacement of a full set of teeth.


A gap left by missing teeth can be filled in with a dental bridge made up of a false tooth and two crowns that fit over the teeth either side of the gap.

Normally made of porcelain fused to a metal or ceramic base, they provide a perfect solution to gaps in your smile – helping to improve eating and speaking, restoring facial shape and keeping any existing teeth firmly in place.

The treatment process

The bridge is checked and adjusted to make sure it fits perfectly before being fixed in place with dental cement.


Modern dentures are far more natural looking and comfortable than they once were and can be an effective way to restore the look and functionality of your mouth.

Made from acrylic, nylon resin or chrome cobalt, our dentures can offer a big boost to your confidence as eating, talking and smiling become so much easier.

The making and fitting process

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