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We offer a range of non-surgical anti-ageing facial treatments to help rejuvenate your skin and refresh your look.


Wrinkle Reducing Injections

Wrinkle reducing injections can help to smooth frown lines & wrinkles around the eyes by relaxing targeted muscles of the face giving you a natural more youthful appearance. This treatment can also be used as a preventative measure against ageing for younger patients.

1-2 Areas   = £250.00
3 Areas      = £300.00


Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a natural substance produced by the body that keeps our skin looking young and healthy. As we get older our body produces less HA which causes the skin to wrinkle & dehydrate. Dermal fillers can help to address your HA loss by hydrating & restoring the volume of the skin. They can also be used to treat thin lips giving a natural more enhanced appearance & fuller pout. The results can be seen straight away and give results that can last between 6-12 months.

Dermal Fillers are case dependant, please discuss with either your dentist or the reception team for more information.


For more information and to discuss the most beneficial anti-ageing treatments for you book a free consultation today.


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